Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Babaero Moves Humor...

I randomly stumbled upon on the blog sites from men about being a womanizer. I truly admit it is innate for male species to be looking for partners since the beginning of time from the stone age to the present however, society's norm created some rules and ethics on why not to be in sort of lifestyle. However, the blogger or writer is always mentioning that you just need to shut up and keep to yourself your achievements of being a "womanizer".

I sometimes totally agree or disagree with his views,  short stories and  quotations are facts with a twisted humor on it undoubtedly funny and laugh to heart out with this red-blood of a womanizing writer. So if ever you have stumbled upon this blog. Try to keep this to the women or they might use it against you because it is an a so called open thought one true womanizer.

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